Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: DermaWand

For a few months amidst the PMD/Personal Microdermabrasion hype, I seriously thought of purchasing it through my brother-in-law who came home for a month-long vacation. It will cost me more than Php8,000. It's just that having a diamond peel treatment every month is pricey and so I sometimes skip treatments.  But then, being the cheapskate that I am, I just decided to forget about the idea "for now."

Whenever I go to any Watson's branch, I always see this DermaWand which kinda looks like the PMD.  I was intrigued by it but didn't buy it until a month ago when I decided to inquire about it and the salesperson let me sit down and demonstrated how to use it and delivered her sales talk.

Convinced, I stood up, went to the counter and paid. :)

About the DermaWand:

DermaWand produces high-frequency electronic pulses and ozone to improve circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin thus creating anti-aging benefits.  The gentle micro-current also provides a thermal effect which helps tone and tighten the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, DermaWand gives off enriched oxygen that cleanses and purifies, helping breathe new life into the skin's surface.

It's an at-home skin rejuvenating device that is an advanced beauty treatment that reduces the appearance of:

- Lines and wrinkles
- Puffy eyes
- Saggy, tired complexion
- Enlarged pores

It also helps plump up the appearance of the lips and diminish the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles around it.

How to Use the DermaWand:

Perform the following procedures for 3 minutes every morning and evening.

STEP 1:  Before using DermaWand, always thoroughly cleanse with your favorite cleanser and rinse with warm water.

STEP 2:  Completely pat dry after cleansing and rinsing.

STEP 3:  Apply your favorite hydrating moisturizer (an amount the size of a nickel) onto clean fingertips and gently layer over your entire face. Give special attention to the delicate eye area, gently spread your moisturizer, or eye cream carefully around this sensitive area.

STEP 4:  When using DermaWand for the first time, turn dial to setting 1.  Make sure to remove bulb cap first. Try it on the back of your hand first. Wait for the bulb to glow.

STEP 5:  Place bulb directly on your facial skin to experience the DermaWand sensation. Always work on the lowest setting for the first few days until you get used to the sensation. When you no longer feel the same intensity (a gentle tingling feeling) of the stimuli, this is the signal that your skin is ready for the next level. Continue increasing the intensity on the dial a little bit at a time unitl you have reached your maximum comfort zone. The DermaWand is effective even at the lowest setting, and your comforet setting depends on your skins sensitivity.

Oops! It's upside-down. But you get the point. ;) Dial is from 1 to 9.
STEP 6:  Now begin sweeping the DermaWand over your entire face.

There are different techniques and facial exercises for specialized areas. You will learn how to do those using the Instructional DVD and the Beauty Guide.

I have been using this for the past month but I don't use it twice a day regularly. I forget sometimes and there are also days that I am just too lazy. But it will only take less than 10 minutes because I don't really have skin problems. I just want to minimize the appearance of the large pores on my face.

Blemish on my cheek was from a huge pimple that I didn't have to pop. Used the DermaWand to treat it instead. Dried the zit up on the 3rd day of using it. Image NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. Just used my Lebelage powder foundation. No liquid foundation, concealer or BB cream.
 The DermaWand tightened and toned the skin on my face, and made it glow.  It definitely made my large pores smaller that they were. It worked great on the blemishes too! I could not go anywhere without my foundation or BB cream before but now, I can just use powder foundation and I'm good to go! Whenever I have pimples, it's just easy for them to go away. I just use the DermaWand to treat them and they're gone in days.

I'm such a lousy blogger that I forgot to take a before picture. I can just probably take a picture now then another one 6 weeks after (like what is said on the DermaWand box for a Picture Proof Guarantee). Yeah, I might just do that. So stay tuned!

The DermaWand is available at Watson's for Php3,499.75.

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  1. First of all, you are very pretty. :D
    Thanks to this review and info, i might buy one in the future. :)

    Followed you btw. :)

    Elle of Amaranthine Scintilla


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