Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Sunbeam

Happy 2013!

Hope the new year is starting out great for you guys! My holidays were okay. Not that fun like last year's but I'm glad that all of my friends and loved ones were in great health before the previous year ended. :)

Anyway, I'm starting off this year with a review. I was supposed to do a haul post but I realized I have deleted some of my haul pictures from my camera's SD card and forgot to transfer them onto my PC's hard drive. So I decided to just do separate reviews on all the products I purchased.

I bought the MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Sunbeam from the Outlet Store in Multiply. It was on sale for Php239 if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure about the exact price but for some reason, I couldn't pull up my order receipt in my Multiply account. But I paid a total of Php314 inclusive of the shipping fee.

The MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Sunbeam is a liquid highlighter that is a dupe for Benefit's Moonbeam. I have always wanted to buy a highlighter as I only used a shimmering eyeshadow for that purpose. It looked un-natural unlike those in liquid form.

The bottle contains 12ml of product which can last you a good while. A little goes a long way with this highlighter. You don't need a lot to achieve that glow you want. Sunbeam creates more of a sheer luminiscence that looks natural with Filipinas' skin color.

I don't like the applicator brush that much. But I can live with it. I just dab the product on my skin anyway and don't really brush it on so it'll suffice.

I dab on little dots of the Sunbeam highlighter on my browbone, inner corners of my eyes, center of the nose, and on my cheekbones then blend it well to achieve that glow on my face. Since I bought this product, I stopped using eyeshadow all in all. Opting for that fresh and glowing look nowadays.

Mememe Beat the Blues Sunbeam on the center of my nose
(natural lighting)
Mememe Beat the Blues Sunbeam on my browbone,
inner eye corners, center of the nose and cheekbones
I love this product so much that it had become a staple with my everyday and going out makeup looks. It gives a nice dewy glow and makes my skin look healthy. Great little product for a cheaper price.

Have you tried this highlighter yet? If so, what do you think about it?


  1. So pretty! Interesting product and cute label!
    Your skin looks healthier!
    I love your blog so much, please check out mine:


    1. Thank you dear! I'm a follower of your fashion blog and I love it as well! :)

  2. that added a nice glow
    to your skin dear.



  3. you're so pretty! i've been meaning to try the MeMeMe brand, that product really gives a radiant glow, thanks alot for the helpful review! :)

  4. San niyo po nbili ung Mememe highlighter?

    1. Sa Multiply dear. Although try mo din sa Makeupholics on Facebook.


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